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PIETRA, the chestnut beer

Pietra, the founding creation of the brewery, is brewed with a blend of selected malts and Corsican chestnut flour. Finely hopped for a delicate bitterness, presenting a rich froth reminiscent of the chestnut flour, Pietra is a rounded, unctuous and harmonious beer, with a beautiful finish of chestnut notes mixed with honey.


  • Type of beer : bottom-fermenting – lager
  • Distinguishing mark : Corsican chestnut flour
  • Colour : amber
  • Nose : cereals
  • Body : powerful
  • ABV : 6%
  • IBU : 26
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    PIETRA BIONDA, a premium craft blonde

    Our brewers developed Pietra Bionda from our flagship Pietra beer recipe to create a Premium blonde with a 5.5% alcohol ABV. This robust blonde reveals a perfect balance between pale malts, chestnut flour and hops, a subtle intensity between malty flavour and slight bitterness, for great thirst-quenching qualities.


  • Type of beer : bottom-fermenting – lager
  • Distinguishing characteristic : Corsican chestnut flour
  • Colour : golden blonde
  • Nose : cereals, fresh notes
  • Body : ample
  • ABV : 5.5%
  • IBU : 14
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    PIETRA ROSSA, a thirst-quenching foodie’s beer

    Brasserie Pietra puts all its savoir-faire into play in the creation of this red beer: a combination of the established “Pietra” quality with the freshness of red berries. Finely flavoured with cherry and raspberry, PIETRA ROSSA is a festive beer with a 6.5% ABV, offering a subtle balance between sweet and bitter, nuanced by a touch of refreshing acidity.


  • Type of beer: bottom-fermenting – lager
  • Distinguishing mark : cherry juice
  • Colour : deep red
  • Nose : cherry and raspberry
  • Body : powerful
  • ABV : 6.5%
  • IBU : 29
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    CORSICAN IPA, the IPA made in Corsica

    Corsican IPA is the India Pale Ale from Brasserie Pietra. Dry hopping with two hops, including the remarkable Citra, develops the complex aromatic profile of this IPA. Corsican IPA first reveals, with an intense floral aroma – passion fruit, mango – and then explodes in the mouth with its notes of tropical and citrus fruits: mango and lemon flavours, a frank and generous bitterness, and a nice balance between the roundness of the malt and the bitterness of the hops.


  • Type of beer : top-fermenting – ale
  • Distinguishing characteristic : Citra and Elixir hops
  • Colour : orangey-blond – slightly cloudy
  • Nose : exotic fruits
  • Body : round
  • ABV : 6%
  • IBU : 40
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    ORGANIC BLONDE BEER FROM PIETRA, Organic and gluten-free

    Top-fermented, this beautiful blonde is brewed with organic malts from spring barley. It reveals notes of cereals and a fresh and pleasant bitterness introduced by the American Sterling hops, also organic. Chestnut flour, the Pietra signature, rounds out the assembly and its 5.5% ABV make it a real connoisseur’s beer with beautiful thirst-quenching qualities.


  • Type of beer : top-fermented – ale
  • Distinguishing mark : organic and gluten free
  • Colour : golden blonde
  • Nose : cereals
  • Body : round
  • ABV : 5.5%
  • IBU : 27
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    COLOMBA, Corsican white beer

    Colomba, Brasserie Pietra’s white beer, is brewed with a mixture of barley malt and wheat malt. Its unique scent comes from the infusion of a blend of herbs and spices in the hop tank. Unfiltered, the beer is naturally cloudy. Colomba has a beautiful fresh straw colour and a persistent blooming white foam.


  • Type of beer : bottom-fermenting – lager
  • Distinguishing characteristic : infusion of herbs
  • Colour : fresh straw - because of the artisan production techniques, its colour can vary from one brew to another.
  • Nose : herbal, fresh notes of citrus
  • Body : supple, sparkling and balanced
  • ABV : 5%
  • IBU : 13
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    COLOMBA ROSÉE, surprisingly fresh and fruity

    Like COLOMBA, COLOMBA ROSÉE is brewed from barley malt and wheat malt. Unfiltered, our COLOMBA ROSÉE is naturally cloudy. Orange and raspberry may be a surprising association of flavours but makes for a superb taste combination. Our COLOMBA ROSÉE has great thirst-quenching qualities, expressive aromas, a low alcohol content and an excellent balance between fruit and bitterness. COLOMBA ROSÉE is a tasty, thirst-quenching, fresh and light beer.


  • Type of beer : bottom-fermenting – lager
  • Distinguishing mark : raspberry / orange flavouring
  • Colour : rosé
  • Nose : grapefruit
  • Body : light and fresh
  • ABV : 4.5%
  • IBU : 10
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    PIETRA BRASSIN D’HIVER, smooth and spicy

    Dense and generous, our Brassin d’Hiver -Winter Brew- is a powerful and rich beer. Special malts, Corsican barley and chestnut flour give it a robust body and a very good length in the mouth. Enriched with sweet orange peel and cinnamon from Madagascar, this brew develops aromas of winter malts and citrus on the nose and palate, softened by hints of honey, gingerbread and candy.


  • Type of beer : top-fermenting – ale
  • Distinguishing characteristic : Chestnut flour and Corsican barley, cinnamon and orange peel
  • Colour : copper
  • Nose : spices and citrus notes
  • Body : dense
  • ABV : 7%
  • IBU : 24
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    SERENA, 100% pure malt

    Light with its 5% ABV, SERENA presents a beautiful limpid golden blond colour under a foamy forth. Bottom-fermented, SERENA is a craft beer with a great refreshing power. SERENA is a 100% pure malt blonde easy on the palate, supported by a supple, generous bitterness and a lightly alcoholic sensation.


  • Type of beer : bottom-fermenting – lager
  • Distinguishing mark : 100% pure malt
  • Colour : golden blonde
  • Nose : malt, fresh cereals
  • Body : refreshing
  • ABV : 5%
  • IBU : 24
  • History

    On a summer evening, in 1992, Armelle and Dominique, both beer lovers, were sitting at the terrace of a bar in Corte, regretting one fact: they couldn’t enjoy a Corsican beer.

    Thus, they decided to create one. With this spark of an idea begins the story of Brasserie Pietra, the first brewery in the history of Corsica.

    The women and men of the brewery

    Armelle and Dominique sought to surround themselves with the best skills. They convinced Guy and Eric, both master brewers, to join them on the adventure. Muriel, a young Biology graduate from the University of Corte, joined the team to create the quality department. Laurent, a 17-year-old trainee at the time, discovered the brewing industry.


    A team ensures the guarantee of Brasserie Pietra’s know-how and quality.

    The recipes for Pietra’s beers are developed at the heart of the brewery.

    The Pietra team works on selecting the finest raw ingredients (malts, chestnut flour, hops, spices...) as well as watching over the breeding and propagation of its own yeasts. It monitors and safeguards the artisan manufacturing process and respect for the original recipes. Thus, the recipe for Pietra, the brewery’s flagship beer, has remained the same since its creation.

    A good environmental citizen

    Since opening in 1996, Brasserie Pietra has always shown concern for the preservation of the environment. Its development has gone hand in hand with ecological initiatives. Water management, CO₂ recovery, energy savings and waste treatment are among the actions implemented.

    Brasserie Pietra is also involved with numerous cultural, sports and charity associations whose actions are testimony to Corsican solidarity.